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Subject         2015 Audi R8


Audi's R8 has been the flagship supercar under the brand since its inception in 2006.  Since that time they have been revered to be the subtle supercar owners best friend.  Nondescript enough to slide in and out of a gas station without getting mobbed, yet aggressive enough to let you know that you are looking at something special.

Our client purchased this R8 with the intention of investing into personalization, power, sound, and aesthetic additions immediately upon purchase, so his search for a well cared for pre-owned unit was with a specific purpose.  When we received the car it was a standard, gated, black R8.  When we discussed a plan to modernize the overall look of the car, we wanted to start with a fresh, clean base color, and ultimately landed on KPMF Satin Black.  From there we redesigned the overall aesthetic of the vehicle by adding a Full Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic kit including a full power wing replacement, switching to a Gen 2 style fixed wing and decklid.  Front grilles were completely replaced with a custom made gloss black grille replacement set.  Rear exhaust grilles were removed and painted gloss black to match.  The carbon fiber side blades were wet sanded, polished, and then fully wrapped in STEK PPF along with every other exterior carbon fiber part.

Rolling stock was swapped in favor of a flawless set of BC Forged wheels finished in satin black and gloss black in a 21" rear and 20" front.  Suspension was handled by a set of KW coil overs and adjusted to provide perfect wheel and tire fitment to the fender.  Brake rotors were replaced and calipers completely refinished in Mexico blue and with custom gloss yellow R8 badging.  The perfect exhaust to handle weight savings, power, sound, and looks was Armytrix.  Built out of full titanium it sheds nearly 5o pounds from the car and compliments it with the tone the car should have had.  Blued titanium exhaust finishers let you know this isn't just ANY aftermarket exhaust.

In the engine bay we removed all the shields, wet sanded and polished the carbon prior to reinstalling, painted the old grille sections, painted the Audi badge plate and rings, and gave the engine an overall cleanup while painting other items in satin black.  The contrasting visual that not only was created on the exterior, transitions perfectly into the engine bay and completes the transformation of this previously standard R8, into a supercar built to today's standard!

Thinking of a preowned supercar? Think of Label to make it truly personal....

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