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Subject         2021 Corvette


The C8 Corvette has emerged as a serious contender in the supercar market due to its amazing affordability, performance, and looks.  While the C8 may suit some in stock form, we see it as an amazing platform to go where GM doesn't go.  This C8 was delivered to us with 20 miles on it by our client who wanted to connect the dots where GM left off and create a stunning example of this mid engine high performance vehicle.

We always prefer to address a vehicle in a 360 degree form, ensuring that from every angle the vehicles attributes all compliment each other, while also differentiating itself from the pack.  We upfitted this C8 with a complete Carbon Fiber aerokit consisting of Front splitter, Sideskirts, Rear wing, Rear diffuser fins, Engine hatch vents, and Mirror covers.  Once the aerokit was fit, addressing the proper ride height was completed utilizing lowering collars and adjusting the magnetic ride coilovers while retaining the noselift functionality.  And ensuring we have the most aggressive stance possible, we upgraded the lackluster GM wheels with a set of Vossen Hybrid Forged wheels in a staggered 21/20 fitment and wrapped in Michelin PS4's filling the void in the wheel well.

After those modifications were complete, we got the car into Justin's install bay where he wrapped the roof and A pillars with a custom black roof wrap, and then proceeded to wrap the entire vehicle in flawless STEK PPF.  Additionally, Justin created custom PPF coverings for all of the newly fit carbon fiber parts ensuring the client has complete protection on the entire vehicle.

After seeing what the C8 platform can be, its impossible to leave one in stock form!

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