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Subject         2022 C8 Corvette


How do you stand out without “standing out”? 

Label specializes in creating dynamic restyling packages that accentuate the manufacturers already present design cues, not adding conflicting component styling or loud brash colors that simply “standout” due to stark contrasting elements.

This C8 was brought in by our client directly from the dealership looking for a solution on how to push this C8 to the next level while creating a look that commands attention by the execution.

We addressed these requests by installing a complete carbon fiber aerodynamic package that includes front splitter, sideskirts, rear diffuser, mirror covers, rear wing, and rear engine hatch vents all complimenting the factory hypersonic gray metallic exterior. 

Suspension was next utilizing Paragon coil collars and adjusting the coilovers to settle perfectly over our gloss black staggered 21/20 Vossen HF5 setup which includes the billet red accented centercaps and Vossen lugnut package, and all wrapped in Michelin PS4’s.  The vehicles sound was handled by installing an AWE Track edition exhaust system, finished with diamond black quad exhaust tips exiting our new carbon fiber diffuser.

Justin then laid out the flawless gloss black roof wrap we deemed appropriate and then proceeded with covering the entire vehicle in STEK Dynoshield PPF, including a complete custom application to all of the newly added custom carbon fiber components.

This C8 now commands complete attention by standing out on the foundation of its original design and simply complimented by our work here at Label. 

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