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Subject         2019 Porsche 718 Cayman


The new Porsche 718 Cayman is the perfect platform to launch your passion to the Porsche brand!


This Cayman was sent to us just after purchase to personalize the vehicle to reflect owners needs that could not be fulfilled when ordered.  Rather than spending money on costly factory options, the client chose to spend that money in a fashion that checks more boxes in his WANT categories.


We altered the factory ride height utilizing tailored H&R suspension components lowering the altitude by 1.2" all around.  Stance was properly adjusted by contacting our friends at Vossen and building a custom finished satin bronze set of HF-5 wheels in 20".  We widened the track to be flush with the fenders and fit a set of 285 Continentals in the rear.  Sound improvements were topped off with the AWE touring exhaust system finished off with the carbon fiber tip package.


Aesthetically, we  installed the 718 Cayman GTS black badges and panel below the rear wing, eliminating the chrome accents.  We then had a custom 996 metal Porsche badge refinished to reflect the overall color palette, blacked out the headlight nozzles, LED sidemarkers, and topped off the exterior with the OE GT4 side air intake vents sanded smooth and painted to match.

If this is your launch into the Porsche world its safe to say you will be hooked for life!


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