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 Subject         2019 Porsche Cayman S



The 718 Porsche Cayman S has quickly become one of the most sought after Porsche sports cars due to the amazing per dollar value in performance for a mid engine sports car with an unrivaled history behind the brand.

This Cayman S came to us with the request of keeping within the overall factory "look" but adding a level of personality and performance to the car without altering its simple daily driven duties.  We were able to accomplish both goals, adding an outstanding track prowess and beautiful on road presence.  Starting with the exterior, we fitted a complete TechArt Type 1 aero package direct from Stuttgart, Germany.  This consists of front spoiler lip with carbon fiber lip, rear diffuser panel with carbon fiber trim, carbon fiber rear valance panel, Enlarged GT4 carbon fiber side air ducts, Carbon Fiber Mirror housings, and the Type 1 Aero rear wing package.  Additionally we added the euro clear led sidemarkers, and the black washer package.

On the performance side, we swapped out the air filter to the high flowing BMC air filters, exhaust was taken care of using an AWE switchpath full exhaust system and diamond black tips.  H&R Springs provided the lowering spring package and the accommodating billet wheel spacers with extended lugbolts, widening the track width flush with the fenders and pushing the upgraded Carrera S wheel package out to give the look of a custom built wheel and tire package.  Finally, the car was finely tuned utilizing APR tuning stage 1.5 tuning package.  This bumps horsepower and performance figures to that of the famed Porsche GT4!

Our clients reaction at his first track day said it all!  "The car handles very, very well with the lowered suspension and tighter springs. Acceleration is fantastic.  I was keeping up with Cayman GT3s and lapping most everyone else!"

Mission accomplished! 


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