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Our work.

Subject         2017 Audi R8 V10


Our client was looking to achieve a more aggressive exterior appearance that matched the sound and performance of the V10.   Vorsteiner provided us with a full Carbon Fiber Front Splitter and complete Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser section.  We installed our custom splitter guard pucks to help prevent scraping the spoiler lip.

We then removed the front grille section, wheels, all emblems, fuel door, exhaust tips and had them all painted/powdercoated in gloss black.  The Audi Black Optic grille package was reinstalled while we had the bumpers off while we stripped and painted the brake rotor hats satin black eliminating the corroded look that the R8 hats get during use.

When reinstalling the wheels we installed a set of black billet Hubcentric 11MM wheel spacers and extended black lugbolt package to widen the track width pushing the wheels and tires to the edge of the fender acquiring a much more aggressive look.

Attitude achieved.

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