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Subject         2018 Audi R8 V10


The R8 V10 Plus starts as the highest performing and most aggressive looking R8 in stock form.  But as most R8's, they are toned down substantially from the factory with a massive factory exhaust system.  With a myriad of options available in the aftermarket, we always rely on partners that produce OE level, precise fitment, and world class construction in an exhaust system.  Enter our friends from Ryft.  We sourced the first edition by RYFT(1 of 18), a fully valved, full titanium exhaust system.  This was the first R8 system installed in the Midwest.  We also relocated the factory valve air lines and sheathed them in high temp wrap ensuring proper function and protection from the heat.

Now that sound was amplified to match the vehicles stunning looks we addressed another shortcoming from the factory, the suspension and track width.  R8's ride notoriously high in stock form with nearly 7" from front splitter to the ground, giving the R8 and nose high appearance that does not help accentuate the aggressiveness of the vehicle.  They also have an extremely tucked in track width not pushing the wheels to the edge of the fenderwells.

We addressed these issues properly by utilizing the KW H.A.S. fully adjustable lowering system transforming the factory struts into and adjustable coilover suspension allowing for fine tune adjustments based on the users desired look.  Enhancing the track width by 22MM overall in the front and rear was accomplished by a very high end set of forged billet wheel spacers that even include back pocketing for weight reduction reducing unsprung weight.  Finally a set of H&R Extended TRAK bolts fasten the entire system together!

Our favorite R8 is on the road, and wait until you hear it coming and going!

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