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Subject         2021 Audi RS7


When released, the Audi RS7 quickly solidified itself in a very elite category of being a true super sedan.  In stock form, this sedan possesses 591 HP and propels from 0-60 in just 3 seconds, placing itself in very elite company.  Where the real magic happens is when you address all of the factory bottlenecks in performance, and aesthetics.


On this example, we completed a Stage 1.5-2 package(variable on which tune file we are running) with a full bolt on performance package.  Handling our cold air intake delivery is the all carbon fiber Eventuri Dual air intake system.  Exiting the engine is a complete Milltek performance exhaust and downpipe package.  Eliminating factory resonators, adding high flow cats, and exiting through 2 true dual catback mufflers.  We then reprogrammed the ECU utilizing VF engineering's proven Hex tune technology and putting down a massive 680HP and 700FTLBS of Torque.  This output results in 1/4 mile times in the 10 second realm, something usually seen in extremely built or high end performance coupes.

Aesthetically, the vehicle received a set of 22" Custom Vossen HF3 wheels mated to a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S performance tires.  With the adjustable air suspension lowered down in RS mode, this combination commands attention wherever it goes without screaming look at me.  For the protective solution, we installed a full vehicle STEK Dynoshield PPF application to all parts of the vehicle including all of the carbon fiber pieces.

Next time you pull up to the light in your sportscar, think twice before engaging this RS7!  Even though the owner may have a load from Costco in the back and 2 passengers with them, it will be hard pressed to top this car stoplight to stoplight!

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