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Subject         2015 BMW M3  


The BMW M3 has quickly become one of the most versatile, practical, and budget friendly performance sedans on the market today.  With the ample availability of the vehicle, practical daily use, great aftermarket support, and a timeless design, the M3 is the perfect platform to allow you to personalize to your specific taste making the vehicle much more tailored and unique in the sea of M3's that are now on the market.

Our client came to us as an alternative to buying a second stock performance vehicle and decided he instead wanted to invest in restyling his M3 while adding power, performance, and sound to the vehicle.  Allowing us to create a unique build profile for the vehicle was something he requested, as he wanted our vision on how to retain a more OE, subtle, yet impactful design and trusted our experience of creating that final product.


 We started by implementing one of the first satin forged carbon fiber complete aerodynamic programs for the M3.  Complete with Front Splitter, Sideskirts, Rear Diffuser, and Rear Spoiler.  We also added the rear view mirror housings to draw your eyes up to the mid-line of the vehicle.  This M3 was equipped with a factory carbon roof which was our challenge in implementing the forged carbon and custom bronze Vossen WORK wheels.  We tried several sheens and tones of vinyl until we found the correct match to the wheels, the metal flake in the paint, and the color palette inside the forged carbon pattern and wrapped the roof in this Avery Bronze vinyl.  Additionally, we added several other additions such as new gloss black grilles, colormatched side grill spears, Gloss Black Front and Rear Emblems, and Gloss Black M3 emblem with bronze flag insert. The beauty of the bringing all of these colors, tones, and sheens together in a complete package is obvious as the pictures display how stunning of a look it presents.

Whenever we create an exterior design package that truly commands attention we then address stance, sound, and power output to match the vehicles look.  On this build, we adjusted the suspension by utilizing a set of H&R progressive rate springs and settled the suspension with near perfect flush fitment over the rear 295/20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S wrapped around the Vossen WORK wheels.  We then installed AWE tuning's Full track exhaust system complete with the 102MM Diamond Black Finish tips providing a drastic improvement in sound.  Completing the power package is a Stage 2 BM3 ECU upgrade with the pops and bangs on the downshift.  The car is now putting down 500hp+, sounds amazing, and looks like a proper built M3 should.

Ready to build a proper performance sedan?  We are!

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