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Subject         2021 BMW X3M Competition


BMW's 2021 X3M Competition is one of the worlds highest performing SUV's and a vehicle that performance vehicle enthusiasts have recently flocked to, due to the practicality of being able to drive it year round, the ability to fit 4 people in, and still possesses amazing performance figures more aligned with high performance cars.  

Our client contacted us prior to ordering so we could assist in his ordering spec from BMW and also put together a build package for him to ensure he did not order any extra options from the factory that we would end up replacing.  When approaching any new vehicle purchase with plans to build, this is a "must do" as it allows you to flex your budget to accommodate more personalization options as opposed to the limited factory offerings, saving money up front to reinvest into your personal build profile.


This extensive project spanned the entire vehicle, creating the ultimate in a World Class High Performance SUV.  Starting with the Complete Carbon Fiber package on the vehicle covering the Side mirrors, Front bumper vents, Rear diffuser, 3D Design Sideskirts, Custom Front Grille Surrounds with black single slat grille inserts, Custom Side vents with Label script, and Carbon air ducts behind the front grille.  Custom billet LM badges replaced the front and rear BMW badges and colorfilled to match calipers.  Suspension was lowered with H&R Springs, and we refinished the calipers in custom desert khaki with painted Label scripting.  Topping the stance off are a set of Brixton Forged custom finished 22" Carbon Bronze RF wheels to completely transform the on road presence of this amazing vehicle.

On the performance side we installed SSR High flow downpipes, a complete Akrapovic Mid pipe and Catback exhaust system finishing into carbon fiber sleeved titanium tips blending flawlessly into our redesign while creating an unmatched sound when going through the gears!  On the intake side, Eventuri provided us with a complete cold air intake system with carbon fiber lid and air ducts that protrude into the front grille section  An upcoming ECU tune will make this SUV power itself to a low 10 second quarter mile time, a time on par with many supercars!

And lastly, one of the largest tasks was the complete vehicle wrap utilizing STEK's Dynomatt product, a satin finish PPF film that will allow us to make any factory color into a satin finish while also retaining all of the normal Paint Protection properties.  Justin also plotted custom gloss PPF templates for every piece of carbon fiber and gloss black portions left on the vehicle for contrast.  This application while extremely time consuming and challenging, netted unparalleled results pulling the entire design together and creating an undeniable one of a kind machine.

Think SUV's have to be boring?  Think again....

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