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Subject         2020 C8 Corvette


The brand new Mid Engine 2020 Corvette has taken the performance market by storm and will have a huge influence in the industry for years to come!  Were here to ensure your C8 remains unique in the sea of cars that is guaranteed to follow! 


This 2LT C8 came to us in base form with just the competition seat package and tension blue seatbelts.  We pulled the base suspension off the car and swapped in the factory FE3 Coilover suspension and adjusted to the lowest setting.  While the suspension was out we powdercoated the calipers Gloss yellow, and redesigned the new 2020 Corvette scripting for the calipers.  Vossen then provided us with an amazing 20"/21" Staggered set of Hybrid Forged HF3 wheels that were built flush with the fenders.  Mounted to the Michelin 325/21 and 245/20 tires completes the overall look, performance, and presence on the road!


What comes next for this C8 is a staggering world class widebody program and full forged carbon fiber aerodynamic program.  You're going to want to follow this one.... 

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