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Subject         2023 C8 Corvette Z06


How do you improve upon an already overperforming factory spec vehicle?

Label specializes in creating dynamic restyling packages that accentuate the manufacturers already present design cues, not adding conflicting component styling or loud brash colors that simply “standout” due to stark contrasting elements.

This new C8 Z06 is the newest version of the C8 Corvette platform, and the most formidable with its new 5.5L Flat plane crank V8 providing 670HP.  This example was brought in by our client directly from the dealership looking for a solution on how to complete his personalized vision for his new vehicle.

With a simple straight forward plan of designing a properly fit wheel and tire package, lowering the vehicle to the appropriate stance, an then capping it off with an out of this world exhaust system, we were confident this would provide the punch this client was seeking.


Suspension was addressed by utilizing Paragon coil collars and adjusting the coilovers to settle perfectly over our triple DDT Brixton X Label AS01 Forged wheels in a 2pc construction, the first set of its kind, and all wrapped in Michelin PS4’s.  The vehicles sound was expertly tuned utilizing RYFT's Full titanium race exhaust system, with stunning titanium quad tips that match this Elkhart Blue beautifully.  The sound this amazing vehicle creates now when leaving is that fitting of supercar status!

Justin then laid out the flawless STEK Dynoshield PPF, including a complete custom application around the factory stripe package, and to all of the carbon fiber components.

This new Z06 now commands complete attention by its peers simply by addressing the finer details of the vehicle that could always use improving upon from its factory delivered components. 

Call us today to help realize your perfect personal spec!

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