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Subject         2020 Corvette Widebody "Project Vouno" Chassis #2


Here it is!  Project Vouno' Widebody Chassis #2 has officially landed.....


Chassis #2 of 5 as seen here was revealed at SEMA 2022 in the ZF Engineering/Sachs Performance Booth.  Our most recently completed chassis #2 Vouno' build was revealed to the world this November as the Booth feature vehicle with our partners at ZF Race Engineering/Sachs performance.  This build completely changed the C8 widebody game again!  Incorporating an added 4 more forged carbon pieces into the program,  a full Alcantara custom interior, the most detailed and custom C8 interior to have been completed in the world.  Additionally, the Eventuri Air Intake launch on this build added another game changing addition.  This is Eventuri's first domestic offering and we were extremely proud to launch this product on our project.  Together with ZF we also launched the worlds first set of C8 Corvette coilovers engineered and manufactured by the ZF team!  The magnitude of the partnership was unparalleled for us at Label.  ZF Engineering is the 3rd largest auto supplier in the world, and the producer of hundreds of championship race teams components, from Formula 1 Red Bull Racing, to IMSA, GT3, Rally, and many more professional series!  During this amazing week we spent time with the team at ZF/Sachs and greeted hundreds of attendees to discuss our project making 2022 SEMA a complete success and us itching to return in 2023!


History of Vouno'

Dubbed Project "Vouno'", our creation of the Ultimate in an American Supercar Widebody program was born.  From the Greek word meaning Mountain, Vouno' was a challenge we accepted that was unlike any other in the world.  As a lifelong dream to design and manufacture his own products, Andy Siradakis, Designer and Owner of Label Motorsports,  embarked on the journey of creating a complete fender replacement, Carbon Fiber widebody program for the new Corvette, highlighting his personal design interpretations and the build execution capabilities of Label Motorsports.

     As if the data capturing, CAD development, and 3D printing were not challenging enough, add the fact that COVID grasped the world in the middle of this process, slowing down all process's and adding additional costs for nearly every line item. We forged ahead decidedly, pushing through to create not only the worlds only full forged aerodynamic program, but also developing a proprietary Carbon manufacturing process that we could replicate, keeping the Label Motorsports Carbon Fiber unique in the industry of exotic carbon fiber construction.  Enter a process called "LMC", or Label Moulding Compound process.  This process not only encapsulates the traditional structural carbon fiber constructed components utilizing the traditional weave carbon fiber which we always do first, but then we add on our top layer of our hand cut forged flakes in sizes we have determined to produce maximum flash and reflectivity, all layered under deep epoxy resin and then finished in a UV stable multilayer automotive clearcoat, creating unmatched depth and gloss similar to a show car paint job. 

     This 17 month journey culminated with what you see here.  From CEO's of Major manufacturers, Dealership principles, Automotive enthusiasts, Influencers, and brand partners, the reviews were overwhelming, and delivered the message that the fruits of our labor were well worth the sacrifice made to accomplish this goal.  Now at the top of the "Mountain", we are continuing the builds for 3 other special clients, giving each one a piece of history they can take home and proudly own for years to come. 

Stay tuned!

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