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Subject         2023 Land Rover Defender 90


In 2020, Land Rover resurrected the new Defender, codenamed L663, with improved daily usability while maintaining the capability for which it became known since the introduction of the Series I. The new Defender's interior is more comfort-oriented and higher-tech than any previous generation and offered with a myriad of factory and aftermarket accessories including storage boxes, roof ladders, and off-road tires. 

While the Defender certainly has turned heads after its reintroduction, we still felt the styling cues could be a bit more defined, and more personality and presence could be brought out in the platform.  Cue the partnership with URBAN Automotive......

Urban Automotive, based in Milton Keynes, England, is the worlds premier aftermarket restyling company for the Land Rover, and Range Rover lines.  We sourced the complete Urban Design package which widened the track width with new paint to match gloss black wheel arch extensions, and sets the foundation for the following modifications. An URBAN carbon fiber, paint to match 4 pod light bar package, URBAN rear spoiler package, URBAN hood vents, URBAN side air vents, and URBAN smooth spare tire carrier.

As usual, our PPF expert installer Justin utilized both STEK Dynoshield and Dynomatt Paint Protection film to create the stunning two tone look, while also protecting the entire vehicle, including a custom fit application to all the added URBAN components.

And obviously no Label build is complete without an absolutely stunning set of new wheels and tires! This Defender is topped off with a set of URBAN 22” UC5 satin black wheels, wrapped in 285/45/22 Nitto Ridge Grapplers to unify the new wide track exterior package with our new widen track width flawlessly.

While the new Defender line has become extremely popular, the rare Urban Automotive upfitted builds are extremely few and far between. This is the one that will stand out in the crowd long into the future.

Ready to take the norm, and make it something special?  We are too, contact us today.

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