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 Subject         2000 Ferrari 360



The Ferrari 360 has slowly been regaining popularity as a true Ferrari classic vehicle that is very much sought after in todays secondary market.  Our client has owned this 360 for several years and was due for a major brake service.  While assessing factory replacement options, the opportunity to upgrade to a more modern day Big Brake system came into the conversation.  We were able to measure, design, and create an amazing bespoke Big Brake kit for the vehicle, giving this 360 the largest big brake upgrade available today.  With a complete E brake integration, 8 piston fronts, 6 piston rears, painted in custom matched Ferrari Yellow, and Ferrari factory brake logos, the execution and implementation subtly makes a vast improvement in looks and provides modern day supercar braking performance!

Additionally to the brake upgrade, we had the Ferrari 360 Challenge front spoilers and sideskirts bonded, body worked, and custom color matched to the vehicle, complimenting the Challenge wheels, lowered suspension, and Tubi exhaust.  A set of wheel spacers and extended lugs widen the track and complete the factory appearing custom fitment!

There is always a custom fit solution at Label, its the only thing we do!


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