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 Subject         2021 Ferrari 812 Superfast



One of the last few NA V12's to be produced by Ferrari is the Ferrari 812 Superfast.  This example was the highest spec MSRP produced for Ferrari in the production year with a MSRP of $536,000.  So the question is, what's to improve to an already nearly perfect supercar?

At Label, we are presented with this question all the time.  And in this case, nothing varies too far off of what we do on every project.  We also address some key areas of improvement that we are able to handle outside of the manufacturers set of rules and regulations they need to follow to sell vehicles in the general marketplace.


Firstly, and less noticeable until you start the vehicle, is the addition of a custom manufactured full titanium exhaust suite by our friends at RYFT.  We utilized the full mid pipe and muffler replacement section with operational valves, exiting through the black factory tips.  Additional to the exhaust and mid pipes, we dialed it up to 10 with the addition of the catless RYFT downpipe package which not only increases power, but provides in our honest opinion, one of the best sounding vehicles in existence.  The V12 simply sounds like a pure F1 racecar, and the tone and pitch scream Formula 1 perfection!


Addressing the stock vehicle height was next on the list.  KW's coilover solution provides the ability to for us to set and provide the perfect stance while also retaining the factory front noselift system.  Once we had our suspension in place, our custom built Label Motorsports X Brixton Forged AS-01 Wheels were built to perfection.  Finished in Gloss/Satin Olympic bronze which compliments the Ferrari factory color flawlessly, making a stunning visual impact and improvement coupled with the widened track width and lowering suspension alterations.  A massive Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 335/30/22 tire in the rear increases the footprint, while providing the most aggressive stance possible for an 812.  Gloss black Ferrari prancing horses were added to the front and rear, along with the Gloss black Ferrari badge on the back glass.  Novitec Carbon fiber aero package will follow soon!


This already stunning supercar now has no competition....


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