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Subject         2018 Ford Raptor Supercrew


Being quite specialized in what we do at Label Motorsports, we were intrigued with the request of a client who had just purchased a new Ford Raptor.  He requested we instill our vision of what we perceived as an "Exotic" 4WD Performance truck , and that we did!

​This build was extensive utilizing the best components offered in the Raptor world.  ADD Designs created the complete bumper replacements in the front and rear, including the illuminated steal side step package.  We utilized the latest LED lighting solutions from Rigid Industries throughout all locations while completely hiding, sheathing, and installing all wiring into the cab utilizing factory AUX switches.  A 50" LED light bar was mounted on the ADD Designs hydraulic Chase rack enabling the user to fully articulate the light bar 180 degrees.  All factory plastic panels, B Pillars, Grille, and mirror housings were removed, sanded smooth, and primed, painted, and color-matched flawlessly for a completely custom tailored look.  True Matte Carbon fiber was integrated in the Custom Hood vent section and the side fender vents.

​With the progress already made on the body we had to create something special in our wheel and tire package.  That's where our friends and exotic vehicle wheel specialists at Brixton Forged in Los Angeles agreed to partner up with us on this first of,  creating a true forged 6 lug wheel specifically for the Raptor.  They came out absolutely flawless.  Finished in a tinted transparent bronze finish and then mounted to a set of BFG TA KO2's it truly made this trucks rolling stock SHINE!

​Power was addressed by adding a 3 stage ECU/TCU upgrade package that controls boost, and many other settings, and allows the user complete control of power inside the cabin, a Full Cold Air Intake System, Turbosmart Blow Off Valve, AWE Downpipe, High flow cats, and full exhaust with 5" Diamond black tips wake the truck up.  To stop a beast like this we went with no other option other than Wilwoods full big brake kit with 2 piece slotted rotors not only stopping the truck but also adding another visual interest to the complete package with the red calipers.

Exotic Truck?  We think so.

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