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Subject         2019 Lamborghini Performante 


The 640HP Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder is one of the fastest production cars in the world today.  The 4th fastest production car to ever lap the Nurburgring is just one of the many accolades this amazing machine has been noted for.  So when our client requested we find a way to make this rare supercar even more spectacular, we dove in head first.

Decidedly we wanted to compliment the ALA forged carbon fiber bits that are added by Lamborghini at the factory.  We did so by turning the dial past 10, installing a complete 1016 Industries Forged Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic Program.  Utilizing a full forged carbon fiber hood, Front Splitter, Sideskirts, Rear Diffuser, Diffuser caps, Carbon Fiber mirrors, and of course the replacement fenders with Full Forged Carbon Fiber GT3 style inserts launches this already stunning vehicle into another atmosphere. 


Further enhancing the carbon fiber components, we completed a full color change of the vehicle by applying a full show quality vinyl wrap in Satin Acid green and executed by our expert installer Justin.  All brake calipers were removed, stripped, and repainted in Gloss Acid green with proper Lamborghini brake scripting printed and applied in black.

While the addition of the Forged Carbon Fiber and complete color change was astounding, we wanted to add more personality and aggressiveness to the wheel fitment.  Partnering again with the team at Brixton Forged Wheels in LA we were able to design our version of their Centerlock VL10 full forged wheel with a stepped lip, Custom Performante logo engraving, along with matching centerlock script engraved on the face.  Complimenting that stunning brushed flat finish, we then stripped the factory centerlocks from red and coated them in the lip color of the wheel creating a step profile of colors that finalize in the center with a forged carbon fiber Brixton centercap.

Justin then created the custom Performante script under the rear wing in the main body color, and also created and applied the Italian flag layout in the rear engine vents, and finally applied the light gloss smoke over our European clear lenses which were also cut and custom fit utilizing the rear housings of the US spec red led light bars in the rear to keep them completely functional.

Lowering is compliments of our friends and Lamborghini experts in Germany at Novitec Rosso.  They provided the precise lowering spring setup to allow us to create the lowered stance we required while retaining functionality of the front nose lift suspension. 

Being the best is no longer cliche', if you want it, lets go get it!

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