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Subject         2019 Porsche 991.2 GT2RS


The "Widowmaker" dialed up to a 10!

Porsche makes extremely high quality and performing vehicles, and amidst those, are fantastically fast ones.  The GT3 RS can run circles around most supercars, on most racetracks. The GT3 RS is a stunningly put together marvel of engineering, it’s Porsche’s white knight, the headmaster of their GT range. If that’s the case, then Porsche also has a dark knight in the GT range. Where the GT3 RS is the headmaster, the GT2 RS is the backbencher, that throws spitballs at it.

In fact, Porsche’s latest GT2 RS has been famously referred to as the most bonkers road-going 911 to roll out of the factory to date, and those claims aren’t baseless. It is faster than a 918 Spyder around the Nurburgring. Yes, it makes almost 200 horsepower less than the 918 and also lacks fancy all-wheel drive systems, the GT2 RS is rear-wheel-drive only. It shouldn't be too hard to conclude why it is called the widowmaker.

This 300 mile example came to us with the request of turning the dial to the max on the power output, while also ditching all of the "wearable" plastic in favor of OE matching carbon fiber.  Aesthetically, we removed and replaced 14 pieces of the factory plastic, and then had the exact matching twill carbon fiber manufactured in Germany specifically for the build to ensure a fantastic match to the factory Weissach package.

Diving into the performance portion of the build, with a goal of upwards of 750RWHP we started by removing the entire factory exhaust system, mufflers, downpipes, and headers, We replaced the factory components with headers produced by Redstar, and full Downpipe package and Titanium exhaust from RYFT.  On the intake side, we upgraded the factory plastic plenum to the larger IPD aluminum unit, along with the larger IPD carbon fiber Y-pipe replacing the factory plastic piece.

Now complete, this GT2RS has the complete Label Motorsports treatment that elevates an already legendary machine into a stratosphere only a few exist in.  Looking to find out where Label fits in your custom automotive needs?  Contact us today to elevate your supercar to that next level!


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