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Subject         2014 Porsche Carrera S


The 911 may be one of the purest drivers on the market.  Having a long-standing client base in the Porsche segment we completely understand how to unlock the potential of each variant of the 911 produced.


This 991 Carrera S started off as just a stock 991 as delivered from the factory.  The client enjoyed the diving experience for a few months and decided he wanted to personalize his Porsche ownership experience and add some power and sound enhancements to back up the newly added aesthetic upgrades we were installing.


On the exterior we added a custom hood crest, lightly smoked the clear lenses in the front and rear, added a Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber front spoiler lip and Rear Diffuser section, along with the Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber rear wing.  Stance was addressed by installing a set of H&R Progressive rate springs coupled with a new alignment.  And finally, the jewelry on this beauty was finalized with a set of 20" Brixton Radial Forged CM10's in a custom brushed bronze finish. 

Power enhancements were completely addressed installing what we refer to as the "Stage 3” Power Package.  Kline Innovation based out of Romania, one of our Porsche exhaust partners, provided us with a Full Stainless Header package, High flow cats, and High flow mufflers replacing the stock restrictive units.   This system retains the factory valved properties, and exits through a set of full carbon fiber exhaust tips.  Air induction needs were massively improved with AFE Engineering's Black Series Carbon Fiber dual intake system which feeds the IPD "GT3" style aluminum plenum that replaces the factory plastic unit.  Completing the power system increase, the cars driving dynamics were adjusted with a complete Stage 3 tune done in house utilizing our EVOMSit tuning platform.

A Stock 991 is nice start, but when you can create this, WHY WAIT!?

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