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 Subject         2016 Widebody Camaro SS

American Muscle meets Exotic Design at Label Motorsports for a debut at SEMA and as a CSR2 Racing Video Game Feature Car....


This SEMA feature vehicle and CSR Racing 2 Video game feature car was built with the intent of creating a radical show vehicle that would implement European styling elements to a traditional American Muscle vehicle.  We enjoy working within the boundaries we set for ourselves at Label, if the project fits with the vision and style we are looking to achieve we enjoy diving in to that project with our "creative vision" no matter what it is.


With today's size of American Muscle vehicles it is hard to create the "Exotic" or "European" sleekness that those sought after vehicles possess.  We wanted to widen the track of the car radically while achieving a drastically lower stance for the car that would achieve that low slung aggressive look and stance that is undeniable when you see it parked or on the road.  We did so with hand built fender flares that we creatively attached using a magnetic process and guide bolts.  This allows us to fully service the vehicle without having to remove hundreds of bolts or gaskets.  It also allowed us to accomplish the smooth fender look without exposed hardware that reminds us of a 4WD fender flare.

Custom inner fender liners were produced completely sealing off the inner fenders and giving an OE look when raised.  Suspension is completely custom with a full Air Lift Company dual compressor, 5 Gallon tank, Ride Height sensors,  and bluetooth connectivity setup.  The struts retain camber and coilover adjustment as well, ditching the "old school" air ride properties.  Braking was addressed with a Z07 brake package, and a custom set of 2 piece drilled hats to match the front rotor/hat setup.  The wheel and tire package was a first, Vossen offered the Vossen true forged CG-201 in a 21x12.5 rear and 21x10 front fitment, allowing us to utilize the largest production size 21" tire in the rear, a 355/25/21, and a 285/30/21 front tire.

The car also underwent a major power upgrade installing 1 of 2 ever produced SLP "roots" style supercharger pushing 6.5 pounds of boost.  Roto-Fab provided us a custom intake system for the Supercharger, and Kooks exhaust provided a completely Jet-Hot coated 2" Primary Race Header system, exiting through dual 3" pipes to the Quad 4" tips out back creating an amazing tone under throttle.  SCT Performance handle engine tuning duties putting down nearly 660HP.

The vehicle is fully wrapped in Satin Battleship Grey from 3M, and all accents are painted in Nardo Gray and Laguna Blue Metallic giving it a unique contrast that catches the eye wherever it goes.  This build has won several awards across many segments and today still evokes excitement wherever it goes.


As long is it creates emotion, our job is done.  DONE.

Camaro CSR2 (1).jpg

CSR2 In Game Footage

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