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  Label Motorsports    4920 Fulton E Suite 21     Ada, MI 49301     p. 616.288.7710

Justin VanOeveren

Expert Vinyl/PPF Technician


At a young age Justin began working with his father, a business rep for a large format commercial graphics company working on commercial vehicles and fleet management.  During these years, Justin learned many trade nuances and application techniques working alongside his father on some of the most well known fleets in the country.  His desire to push his technical skills even further led Justin to begin transitioning his skills from commercial vehicles to focusing on full vehicle color change wraps. The experience he garnered in his early days up to the present has gifted him to become one of the best Vinyl and PPF specialists in Michigan.

Justin started working with Label in 2017 on our SEMA widebody Camaro build.  After a previous installers work began failing, we found Justin through a referral before he even had his own full time installation facility.  After working through that project in house with Justin, we realized he had the expertise we had been desperately seeking in our local community. 

During this time, Justin formed DRC Customs, a vinyl wrap and then new PPF installation shop just south of Grand Rapids.  Over the span of the next couple years, Justin's business flourished working on everything from pickup trucks to exotics to race cars.  During that time we also commissioned several other large projects with Justin in which his determination, attention to detail, and willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done showed through.  

As we closed out 2019, we began discussing with Justin the opportunity to join the Label Motorsports team and how we thought he was the perfect fit for our future growth in more ways than one.  In the summer of 2020 we broke ground on our new facility and Justin decided it was time to chase his dream of continuing to build his book of business under the Label name. 


Our new facility contains a state of the art installation bay dedicated for the finest application of PPF and Vinyl wraps in Michigan.  We also partnered with STEK PPF,  providing the most discernible clients with the best optical clarity film available while possessing ceramic coating properties built into the film.  With the majority of our installations being bulk film installs, Justin has the ability to hide all of the seams of the PPF.

Whether you are looking for the best paint protection film and installation, or a complete show quality color change vinyl wrap, Justin will deliver on your vision for the application and continually stands behind his quality of workmanship and materials used.   His years of experience are invaluable to each installation and dedication to you the client will guarantee you a project finished in the best form possible.

We met Mark prior to opening up Label Motorsports through a Cars and Coffee Grand Rapids event.  He reached out and offered to volunteer and become involved in the event organization team as he was looking to rekindle his passion for the local automotive culture. 
Mark attended the renown Universal Technical Institute(UTI) gathering his expertise in the BMW and European field.  Finding an opportunity at a local BMW Dealership as a certified technician led Mark to Grand Rapids.  While enjoying this opportunity and gaining valuable experience, the commonplace in dealerships of inconsistent hours forced Mark to find a better fitting employment opportunity for him and his family that led him away from the daily life of cars. 

Mark Tucker

Mechanical Technician


After getting to know Mark, having him work beside Andy for months and seeing his work ethic, leadership, attention to detail, honesty, and experience with automobiles, we welcomed him to the Label family with open arms.   Being a boutique, detailed custom shop, Mark's position requires an insurmountable amount of detail from intricate planning, assembly, and problem solving, to ensure each part, bolt, assembly is handled and installed with the care we demand on every project.
We're glad Mark found his passion again, and we're glad he wanted to become a part of the team at Label.

In 2022, Evan Clark became an integral part of Label Motorsports, initially contributing as a valuable second shooter and videographer. His lens captured the essence of events like the Michigan International Auto Show, Cars and Coffee Grand Rapids, and exclusive private shop gatherings. Displaying quick learning and adaptability, Evan honed his skills, enhancing his capabilities and swiftly generating content that filled crucial gaps in Label's media offerings. By the start of 2023, Evan's determination had propelled him into the role of primary Media Producer for Label Motorsports, a testament to his exceptional dedication and contribution to the team's future creative endeavors.
Evan's passion for photography began during his formative years, sparked by a fascination with the iconic Hot Wheels toys. In middle school, his passion for art, drawing, and creativity converged when he acquired his first phone equipped with a camera. This pivotal moment prompted Evan to venture into the world of photography.

In 2020, during the Covid shutdown, Evan seized the opportunity presented by the downtime on his hands, elevating his commitment to photography. Investing this time to study his craft, he expanded his equipment arsenal, and explored outdoor photography, initially immersing himself in nature and later at car shows when they resumed. Taking a proactive approach, Evan extended his services by offering photoshoots to local enthusiasts, providing them with professionally produced images of their vehicles in exchange for the practice and experience.

Evan Clark



Now, with over 50 professional shoots under his belt, Evan has emerged as a highly sought-after Automotive media producer in our region. His dedication, honed skills, and artistic flair have positioned him as a standout in the field, marking a remarkable journey from young enthusiast to a highly productive media producer.

Evan is now a proud team member with us here at Label and joined us for his first SEMA experience in 2023.   Evan continues to push the envelope with us producing exceptional content for all of our channels from Instagram, and FB, to our YouTube Channel content.   His dedication to producing high-quality material has significantly elevated our online presence.

The next time you spot Evan at an event, don't hesitate to say hi! His passion for his craft and commitment to excellence make him not just a valuable asset to Label but also a friendly face in the world of automotive media.

Andy Siradakis




Starting in 1999 when Andy purchased his first new vehicle, a 1999 Camaro SS no one would have guessed the road that was to come ahead. Without any  professional mechanical training or experience previously in life building cars,  he started to disassemble new vehicles in his personal garage at home and started what we call nowadays "restyling" late model vehicles, the way a hot rod builder would address a custom built classic.  As the internet era was just beginning, information simply wasn't available anywhere other than printed manuals.  Learning happened while trying out different techniques, ideas, and methods alone in the garage.  As mistakes and success's occurred, learning flourished.  Having the understanding of "if I break it and I can't fix it, Ill find someone that can", proved successful as the results began to speak for themselves. 
 Over the span of the first 2 years Andy built 2 Professional ISCA (International Show Car Association) Award winning vehicles.  During these first years, late model show cars were relatively rare and for the most part received no recognition among the restored and custom hot rods.  Once Andy became recognized on the ISCA and many other Automotive shows and events, enthusiasts began seeking him out for advice, tips, and ideas, and thats when the hobby officially transformed into a profession.

During the next nearly 20 years, Andy's professional growth in the Industry grew with each step, gaining invaluable experience in multiple styles, makes, and models from opening and founding a full service custom hot rod shop designing and building hand built customs and restomod vehicles, to the creation of a multi-million dollar exotic custom shop in South Florida designing and building cars for professional athletes, actors, musicians, and more.  Wherever Andy operated, unprecedented builds, designs, and partnerships occurred.

In 2018, Label Motorsports was formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan with the direct intention of creating a complete Exotic, European, and Custom automotive solution for the most discerning clients nationwide.  The precision and details that Andy commands is rarely paralleled, and his vision for a unique but original design always ensures our clients approval providing them a final product they couldn't envision themselves.

Label Motorsports core is built on the previous 20 years of Andy's personal experience in the industry, from suppliers and corporation partners in Germany, Italy, China, Japan, and of course here in the States,  Andy's Global and Local partnership network truly allows for our clients to receive the best world class services, components, application techniques, and custom installations to all occur in house.  If you're ready to create your own personification of automotive art, Label Motorsports and Andy are ready to go to work for you!

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