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  Label Motorsports    4920 Fulton E Suite 21    Ada, MI 49301     p. 616.288.7710

Vehicles Available

Classified Services

Vehicle Ownership Services

Our personal vehicle ad development and advertisement services bridge the gap between a standard dealership service and a for sale by owner listing.  We provide our private sellers a personal concierge sales representative for your vehicle.  This allows you the comfort of expert, personal service that bridges the gap between yourself and the many inquiries classified ads recieve, allowing us to land qualified buyers that have serious interest.

Our expert market knowledge of performance, collector, exotic, and high performance vehicles allow us the understanding to properly list, market, and negotiate with probable buyers.

We extensively photograph the car professionally and write descriptive, direct advertisements allowing possible buyers a complete visual representation of what they are purchasing even before arriving.

From Dealer Purchase Delivery Services, Vehicle Collection Management, Advertisement Services, Vehicle Inspections, Price Comparisons and Appraisals, Label Motorsports handles every component of your vehicle ownership and transition.  We host buyer deliveries in house with dealership personal traveling to our location with vehicle and all paperwork allowing you to take delivery locally for your next purchase.  Dealership transport services for new and Pre-owned vehicle purchases, Insurance repair valuation support, Vehicle Locating services, Buyer and/or Seller representation services, Advertisement ad writing and development services, along with several other personalized offerings, giving you the client all of the Automotive ownership needs at your fingertips. 

*SOLD*    2018 Dodge Demon

7 Miles

DC8 - 52.jpg

*SOLD*     2020 Chevrolet Corvette 

1067 Miles

*SOLD*     2015 BMW M3

Dinan Stage 3

*SOLD*    2013 Corvette Z06

1870 Miles

lm white-01.png
lm white-01.png

Parts Available

991 Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Spoiler


2017+ Audi R8 Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler


2016+ Camaro Aerodynamic Program

Front Spoiler/Sideskirts/Rear Spoiler

Starting at $395/ea

21" 1221 Custom Forged Wheels(Pre-Owned)

2013+ BMW M5 F10 Fitment

Retail $10,495 Available now $3995

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